Meeting with the Artist – Q&A @ the CSMA,
Gallery Nights Ithaca May 2023

Reflection on the Hanami Opening @the CSMA

I don´t know how to start, but let´s say that the Opening night for the Hanami Exhibition @ the CSMA was one of those nights that counts in your life. First of all, the exhibition really came together nicely and all it needed was the visitors. They started coming at 4:30PM, half an hour before the official Opening and kept coming, with the last one to leave at 8:30PM, half an hour after the closing time. I had many friends coming for the Opening and during April, and I met lots of new people, some of whom being interested in Ukiyo-e or Pop Art aspects of my work. Very good conversations, plenty of congratulations, all in a level of bellissimo complimenti. For this wonderful night to happen I need to thank to Robin Tropper-Herbel, the executive director of the CSMA, who invited me to have a Solo Exhibition there, and her team Lea, Boovy & Yxi who supported me during the setup. And special thanks to Barbara and Jerome Nosanchuk who supported me from the day one of my arrival to Ithaca and without whose basement my paintings would not have been ready for the display.

Invitation to the Meeting

For the May edition of Gallery Nights Ithaca we will have Meeting with the Artist: Q&A @ the CSMA on Friday 05/05/2023 from 6PM to 7PM. I´ll try to introduce myself and my work as short as possibly so we could have more space for questions.

Exhibition is open until May 26.

Gallery Nights in May looks Fantastic

I would like to highlight some of the Exhibition Openings that I am waiting to see – Grant(iste) taking over Handwork’s Windows, Daniel McPheeters with Bubbletrees and the Forest Fantasia @ the SoAG and something new by Yen Ospina – Fluida Vida @ CAP ArtSpace. Downtown has been taken down (or risen up) by the Outsiders (Art).

But that is not all. In the next 2 months I will be painting one of the electrical boxes in Ithaca along side 15 other artists selected for Get Your GreenBack Tompkins “Thriving Futures”, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County / Ithaca Murals project. I will write more about the location and the time where and when you can come and find me painting on the one of the streets of Ithaca.

It looks like Spring is finally here.

Peace, Love,

Udon & Sake


With Grant(iste)
Mario with the Great Super Mario Wave
With Domenica Brockman & Charlotte Ghiorse/House of ChoCLeT
Prika from NYC