Muhamed Kafedžić – Muha
ムハメッド カフェジッチ 無派

7 August 2016
Mount Fuji from
Lake Kawaguchi

Muhamed Kafedžić is born in 1977 in Zenica, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Holds BA in Art Education and Magister Degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. In 2024. has been awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Canton Sarajevo with status of distinguished independent artist of Canton Sarajevo. Lives and works in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Uses 3 distinctive signatures.

muha – from 2009 – 2013

Based on Japanese characters (hae) meaning „single fly“, but also “unimportant man”

muha – from 2013 – now

Based on Japanese characters 無派 with meaning “to not belong to any party or school of thought”, as his arts have many roots and therefore it cannot belong to only one tradition.

Utamaro Lichtenstein – 2014 – now

Fusion of Kitagawa Utamaro´s and Roy Lichtenstein´s signature.

Research essay Ukiyo-e between Pop Art and (Trans)cultural Appropriation: On the Art of Muhamed Kafedžić – Muha by Srđan Tunić, Transcultural Studies Nr. 1 (2017), Heidelberg University Publishing.

Review Pop Art and pop art by Amalija Stojsavljević, art historian.