Make it possible: Youth Centers & Urban Street Culture, 2013, Berlin, Germany

Marzahn, Berlin

Things to have: daily ticket for BVG
Things to know: Nothing works after 21h but there is an excellent Doner Kebab fast food near Kaulsdorf-Nord U-Bahn station for the late-night snack.

Street Art Workshop

What artists need is space, time and material to work with, and we had it all. It was great experience to meet some of the old friends like Nataša Konjević aka Feička, Bruno Frere, Dejan Mijatović aka Redži, Đurađ Stevanović and find a new one, Emil Parvanov aka Ementzo.

The only bad thing was that Papa, Tubo and I didn´t get a chance to have a good- morning coffee (a real one) in a coffee shop. There was that Italian restaurant but…