Students’ City Cultural Center, New Belgrade, 2013

At the initiative of Srđan Tunić, an independent curator, and with the support of Fine Art Section Director, Maida Gruden of the Students’ City Cultural Center (SCCC), New Belgrade, I was a guest artist of the Art Program at SCCC from 16th to 20th of September, 2013. The program consisted of three segments:

  • Presentation – Meeting with artist (me 🙂
  • Public discussion How to be Anime Otaku at the Balkans, with guests from Sakurabana Beograd (the organization for promotion of Japanese pop-culture in Serbia) as follows: ojiisan Bojan Vukadinović, oneesan Isidora Vlasak, oneesan Jelena Jokanović, and associate of Tagai (Serbian-Japanese Friendship Society), Srđan Đukić.
    Both moderated by Srđan Tunić,
  • Realization of the mural The Great Super Mario Wave of Čukarica, Belgrade, on the wall of the primary school Đorđe Krstić.

Apart from the meeting with… myself, I had a great time meeting new friends, both on public discussion and at the school Đorđe Krstić. And as a cherry on top, I became a member of Sakurabana Beograd 🙂

Photos in the gallery by Aleksandrija Ajduković.

With Srđan Tunić
With Srđan Tunić – The Great Super Mario Wave of Čukarica, Belgrade

Time lapse of The Great Super Mario Wave of Čukarica, Belgrade