Workshop “MOnuMENTImotion- The Art of Dealing with the Past in Western Balkans”

I took part in a 3- day workshop organized by forumZFD in B&H. Together with Michele Parente (forum ZFD/Project Manager), who organized the whole event and held introduction to understanding and analysis of the concepts of Dealing With the Past, Fabian Hanschen (Student/Intern at forumZFD) who held Memory Track activity and Marko Krojač (Schneider), an independent photojournalist whose photo exhibition “MonuMENTI-the changing face of remembrance” was inspiration for MOnuMENTImotion. We lead a small workshop on creating animated video based on Krojač photography of monuments, sculptures and statues in the Western Balkan region. With 15 young artists, activists, volunteers and students, we tried to come up with pictures and story/script for the short animated video that will be presented for the first time at the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014  (6th-9th of June). We tried to deal with old events of our collective past, with fresh, turbulent years of our recent history.

Here is the entire list of participants/artists/contributors to the project in alphabetical order: 

Andrea Kovačević, Serbia
Ardi Borova, Macedonia
Bleron Krivanjeva, Kosovo
Branislav Pantić, Serbia
Dejan Kosanić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dukagjin Borova, Macedonia
Edita Dauti, Macedonia
Ermira Gega, Macedonia
Fabian Hanschen, Germany
Filip Pantić, Serbia
Luka Tilinger, Serbia
Marko Krojač, Germany
Michele  Parente,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Moritz Kremer, Germany
Muhamed Kafedžić Muha, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Paula Feicke, Germany
Tonin Tarčuki, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jan-Alex Wahl aka Axl, Germany