Muha in BlackBox 3, OPENING: March 6, 2014. 19:00

Each period of time has a specific culture gathering consisted of artists and friends who, in some way, share common, or ideals alike. In a similar way, there is also a place where they get together, make exhibitions and they communicate. Currently, BlackBox Galery excels as such a place in the city of Sarajevo. Julijan Komšić and Srećko Hrkač (BlackBox), along with Muhamed Kafedžić- Muha would like to reinforce this tradition, and they would like to extend an invitation for another such gathering.

Although this is a second independent exhibition by Muha, everything related to this exhibition is characterized by number three. The exhibition is organized by three friends, there will be three paintings presented at the exhibition, as well as three new digital prints, which all led to the title of the exhibition Muha in BlackBox 3.

This time the works presented are not related to one specific series of paintings, and each painting is an independent work representing one of the spheres of interest which influence Muha’s creative work- starting from comics, through Pop Art, Chinese and Japanese traditional landscape, the works of old masters, illustrations. A this exhibition there will be the painting with the new signature/series Utamaro Lichtenstein, which is a logical response to a series
100 Views of Ukiyo-e.

OPENING: March 6, 2014. 19:00
BLACKBOX, Vrazova br. 5, Sarajevo, BiH;