Chris Doyle – Social Structure II

Me and a few other Bosnian artists had a chance to meet American artist Chris Doyle and partially work on his outdoor sculpture Social Structure II. He had a much bigger involvement in mind but that didn´t actually work out with the US Embassy in Sarajevo who actually ordered this art piece. In the end we just did photos of Bosnian forest for his sculpture. It was supposed to be more like a meeting place and when you get inside you can have forest like experience, but I can only guess, because the sculpture is safely locked behind the iron bars of the US Embassy in Sarajevo. You can take a look at it but you cannot approach it or take photos of it. So much of the “public” sculpture .But, as Chris said “I am still happy that the other underlying thread was to interact with you guys to try to understand Bosnia in a way that I wouldn’t have if I just flew in and installed something. And that part was really a pleasure.” Feelings are mutual. 

More info available at Chris Doyle´s web site.

Chris Doyle - Social Structure II