Bitta Generation 2012 Pančevo, Serbia

This was my second involvement with Bitta Generation. The first time I was a part of comic workshop and this time I led street art workshop. As a leader of workshop I was more of a facilitator, I tried to keep people on the right track and attend to their needs. After all, my group was formed of high end artists

We were working on the massive wall of Primary school Jova Jovanović Zmaj in the center of Pančevo. Drash/Machka with Tifani Rubi also did the backyard wall of Dom Omladine. We had very nasty weather, a few days of heavy rain and very cold weather mixed with days of very sunny days and high temperatures. But we did our best.

I did my second Great Wave.

Bitta Generation 2012 Pančevo, Serbia

Take a look at great atmosphere of Bitta Generation caught on video.


Or my strange birds experience in Pančevo.