I am shutting down my social media and networking accounts
on 1st of September 2018

It´s been a while that I am considering shutting down facebook, linkedin and some other social media and networking accounts. I know that some of you consider these to be essential for the work and daily life. I don´t. I have been disabling my fb page and I havn´t been checking linkedin through the whole year, and nobody noticed nor it affect my daily life in any way. And lately everybody has been bugging me to open Instagram, another fb product. So I decided to delete everything except my youtube channel and a few others where I am anonymous.

If you would like to stay in touch there is newsletter subscription in the footer of my page. I will try to write monthly updates, but I am not promising anything. As always if you would like to contact me, use email, or my phone number, if you don´t have them, there is contact page and I will get back to you.

Peace and love,
udon and sake!