Premiere of the MOnuMENTImotion @ the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

First of all I would like to thank to all participants of the workshop who came to premiere and were with us at Peace Event Sarajevo 2014:

  • from Serbia: Andrea Kovačević, Branislav Pantić, Filip Pantić, Luka Tilinger ;
  • from Kosovo: Bleron Krivanjeva  and Moritz Kremer (Volunteer from Germany);
  • from Macedonia: Paula Feicke (Volunteer from Germany);
  • from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dejan Kosanić, Tonin Tarčuki and Jan Alex Niklas Wahl (Volunteer from Germany);

and workshop leaders: Michele Parente, Marko Krojač and Fabian Hanschen.

And for the support from regional forumZFD offices:

  • from Serbia: Christian Pfeifer (Regional Coordinator for the Western Balkans), Nataša Govedarica (Programme Manager), Johannes Rueger (PR), Britta Wiemers (Junior Peace Consultant), Milica Cimeša (Intern);
  • from Kosovo: Maike Dafeld (Project Manager);
  • from Macedonia: Igor Serafimovski (Project Coordinator) and Goran Ristovski;

with support from local office: Ljubinka Petrović-Ziemer (previous Programme Manager), Judith Brand (new Programme Manager), Zlatko Tadić (Financial Cooridnator).

If I have forgotten somebody, I apologize; we met during the frantic time.

The premiere of the MOnuMENTmotion was planned for the first day of the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014, Friday the 6th. The exhibition at the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina was already set, but because of technical difficulties, the video projection and TV´s were set last minute. A good thing was that we had all participants of the project who said they would come and join us in Sarajevo, including Bleron Krivanjeva, who, even after previously unpleasant experience on the Serbian border, came and was a part of the promotion. The premiere was set for 2 p.m. and for the opening Michele Parente addressed the audience with a short speech. We were really happy with a number of visitors and their response to animation.

The second event was a roundtable “The Art of Dealing with the Past”, Sunday the 7th, moderated by Kristina Ljevak, with following speakers: Andrea Baotić (Teaching and Research Assistant at Department of Art History, Faculty of Philosophy, Sarajevo), Nihad Kreševljaković (Director of Sarajevo War Theatre – SARTR and a founder of Memory Module at MESS Festival), Marko Krojač, Michele Parente and myself. I must admit that it was an interesting conversation that we had, best shown in the example that only two visitors decided to leave before the end 🙂

The third premiere was on the national television, BHT1, on Monday the 8th, marking the end of the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014. It was a short documentary about making of the MOnuMENTImotion followed by screening of the animated movie, aired at 8 p.m.