I Love Onigiri

The story behind the title of this series is very simple and short. Yes, my family and I love onigiri. Very often I make it for breakfast for children because it is not difficult to make. In Japan, we usually bought them in a konbini (convenience store) with tuna and mayonnaise filling. Onigiri and Pocari Sweat are the foundation for every walkabout in Tokyo.

At the beginning entire series of prints were designed for limited edition of t-shirts for local brand Revolt. My main interest was creating an alternative Japanized version of Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Austro-Hungarian period on which Revolt logo is based too. Additionally I wanted to create a Japanese mon (紋 – family crest) based on Golden Lily. I wanted to offer alternative to most common version of lily glyph in Europe ⚜, one that French people are so hyped about. I changed perspective, literary, and in process I created unique Golden Lily mon/glyph.

Clan in da Front

If you watched Samurai Champloo then you know that feeling from the first 3 episodes that I would easily describe as Edo Trip Hop. That’s the feeling. I took the Coat of Arms of the Imperial-Royal Province of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1908) during Austro-Hungarian period and tried to make a Japanese variation of it. First I had to create a new symbol for the golden lily in the style of Japanese mon. Second, I didn´t want to do We have Explosives look, I was more in the fashion of transferring knowledge, skills and techniques. The sword and blade did not appeal to me. Japanese, and yet Bosnian DJ QBert school of Trip Hop arts.  Katana is just a symbol of knowledge here. This is a control question, a riddle really. How would you say would be the easiest way to take a weapon away from a Grammaton Cleric?

I was a DJ

Something like graduation certificate for Edo Trip Hop DJ, inspired by music recording certification – gold instead platinum record.


Technique: vector illustration

Year: August 2018