I met D in February 2020 just before Corona virus outbreak that affected the whole Europe, at an event dedicated to the promotion of Japanese studies and culture. We spoke a few words and I told my wife how it would be great to see this guy again, get to meet him and his family. And then all the global shit storm of lockdowns, Corona variations waves fell up on us. Me getting into introvert mode, all work and no play makes muha´s portfolio richer with 10 new works + 2 solo exhibitions. Not bad. All of a sudden it was December and I was recovering from shingles that I had for 7 months (6 months of chronic pain that I ignored because of chronic painting, and then an annoying rash for a month when I finally took a break) and I was starting to make a plan for 2021, at the back of my mind, nothing solid, just general idea what series of paintings to start doing. When I received an email, it was D. In a few words, he asked if he could acquire Great Super Mario Wave print for his office and commission painting for his bedroom. One of those e-mails that makes you happy. I felt very pleased that he took interest in my work.

As we met all together we could connect in our love for Japan, Japanese culture and Ghibli movies. Ghibli became a symbol for Japan equal as Fuji-san. They really liked what I did for my friend LP – Mount Fuji with Cherry Trees in Bloom after Hokusai, so I used that composition for the base, and Fuji-san came from the view Shichiri beach in Sagami province from 36 Views of Fuji again by Hokusai, since they like that view too. I arranged a composition with positioning characters in the painting so there is a sense of depth, and it could be easily observed, from the left Totoro, a true symbol of Ghibli Studio, and a positive, cheerful Japanese spirit, followed with Porco Rosso plane that represents me as a connection toward Fuji-san, a historic symbol of Japan.

When they accepted a sketch proposal for the painting, it was pure joy to realize it. This painting also became a symbol of newly found friendship.

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Size: 80 x 120 cm

Year: January 2021

Availability: Commissioned/In Private Collection



Paintings done in Japanese style. Mostly variations and fusions of famous Ukiyo-e prints, global pop culture & sakura.