4 Aspects of Vranduk, Golden Brown, Mist and Cherry Blossom

I just love Chinese traditional landscape art. Therefore I first started with traditional Chinese landscape art by placing 4 different views of the old citadel on the gold surface. Then I incorporated Ma of Hasegawa School with rhythmical brush strokes that would represent hills. I was so satisfied with the result that I wanted to stop right there. But I had to move to more contemporary approach, to ukiyo-e 🙂

And as finishing touch I used Hiroshige´s repoussoir, by breaking through the first plane by placing the viewer into the blooming cherry tree top, and therefore creating much bigger depth of field on this pretty flat composition. I must admit, while painting sakura, I was thinking what would Takashi Murakami do?

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Size: polyptych 120 x 354 cm
(47.24 x 139.37 inch);
each panel 120 x 88,5 cm
(47.24 x 34.64 inch)

Year: October 2013

Availability: In Collection of
Art Colony Vranduk



Paintings done in Japanese style. Mostly variations and fusions of famous Ukiyo-e prints, global pop culture & sakura.