Ama and Octopus after Hokusai

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How horrifying this image was to Victorian society of Europe. Two octopuses eating a cold body of drowned girl. Hilarious.

What is more hilarious is that, in original print, large octopus is saying “At least I have shellfish I always wanted (to eat/suck).” At the same time smaller one is waiting to switch place with daddy 🙂

Anyone with the right set of mind could perceive that large octopus is performing cunnilingus. It is just another legend translated into sexual fantasy. Tokyo in Edo period was full of men and idea that there is a village with Ama divers, a woman who dives naked into the sea, is good background for sexual fantasy. Here we see Ama diver receiving gifts from Sea god.

When we encounter reproductions/interpretations of this view in modern art, they are usually done to question sexual freedom of society of the artist surrounding.