Kabuki play The Thousand Cherry Trees of Yoshitsune after Sharaku


When I was a teenager the only art I considered worthy were Roy Lichtenstein´s paintings. I was a kid growing up on comics and animation, had a little of fine arts education in my primary school, and in my high school time the war in Bosnia was ravaging all aspects of my life and art was unimportant to anyone. 16 years after, it´s almost the same- people had lost touch with arts and newly developed primitive /democratic /nationalistic /capitalistic /consumer society in Bosnia doesn´t understand concept of art or artist. It was in this madness of 1994 that I first saw Whaam! for the first time in the same book about comics and soon I was reading about Pop Art. I could understand Pop Art;  it seemed natural to me, the same goes for comic book reader and from time to time comic artist. It soon led me to enroll at the Academy.

Tradition of the Floating World – Artist & Printshop, Muha @ BlackBOX is an example of how some traditions can survive through time and gain root from one culture and epoch into another one. Ukiyo-e, pictures of the floating world, are known through prints and reprints from the 17th century till now. In Japan, during Edo period, ukiyo-e prints served as mass produced posters from commoners. Usually artists would paint for print shop and then print shop would make multiple copies of the work. There was usually mutual understanding or contract between artist and the owner of the print shop, leading to the lifetime relationship.


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You can read more about painting here.

Printed with Canon ipf8300 ink-jet Fine Art printer.

Estimated delivery for Europe – 8 to 11 days;
Outside of Europe – 11 to 22 days.

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Canvas, Paper Aquarell Matt 250g/m2, Paper Gloss 235g/m2, Paper Matt 180g/m2, Paper Metalic Gloss 250g/m2, Paper Satin 250g/m2


Great (cca. 100x70cm), Large (cca. 70x49cm), Medium (cca. 50x35cm), Ukiyo-e (cca. 35x25cm)


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“The Sun may rise in Japan but it certainly goes to bed with Muhamed Kafedžić every night”

– Haris Rekanović, artist & poet

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