Poster Boy – The Young Samurai Flautist
(Award in the Category of Painting, Collegium Artisticum 2013)

Poster Boy - The Young Samurai Flautist -size reference-

I am hoping that out there is Ukiyo-e print identical to my vision of the Young Samurai Flautist. Here I did 1:1 transfer of mayor elements from Manet´s The Fifer. It also helped me to visualize the original painting in its original size, because I know The Fifer only as a reproduction, found printed in books or digitally on the web.

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Size: 180 x 106 cm (70.86 x 41.73 inch)

Year: March 2013

Availability: In Private Collection

History re-painting

It´s my Appropriation art. Here are my thoughts on paintings that I find important. For example, Edouard Manet´s The Fifer is the basis for my Poster Boy series and my major belief for this painting is that it has more of Sharaku and less of Velazquez and therefore it carries pathway to modern art. Modern elements of this painting are something that I will be retelling again and again through the individualized variations of this painting.