Ich will immer wieder dieses Fieber spür’n
(I would like to feel this fever again n´ again)

In May 2014 I went with my family to Berlin to be a part of wedding of our family friends. It was a 3- day event in a small village called Paretz, west of Berlin, laid on the banks of the river Havel. The first day was the day of the gathering of the family and friends. Laid back day in the German farm house with horse stable, adapted to be a small hotel. You can even rent a room in the stable with horses. Beautifully day, my son playing with farm animals, riding a pony for the first time, meeting with other people, having a numerous pitchers of fine German beer.

The second day was marked by official wedding in the municipal office in front of the judge. We had weisswurst for breakfast, fresh sausages intended to be eaten before noon. After the ceremony we had a small gathering in the garden of the Municipality after which we took a walk down the river´s bank ending up in a small trattoria where we had dinner with our friend Kai Ehlers. On the way back home we got lost in the fields, discovering an old windmill. My son plays with his newly found friends on a bank of the river Havel.

The third day and the wedding in a small village church. It was protestant ceremony led by a woman, something that I didn’t know about and it was really lovely experience. After that everyone gathered for dinner that led to party with DJ playing music from the 80ies. I had a bottle of Rakija Prepečenica (double distilled with over 60% of alcohol) that I shared, and therefore contributed to the late nite mayhem.

On the fourth day we rested, went back to Berlin, had a boat trip around Berlin´s center and finished in the Berlin´s Zoo. In the evening at the newly wedded duplex we had a few drinks and I don’t know how but I guess it is Kai´s fault (he did documentary on Helene Fischer) we ended up listening to the Helene´s schlager Ich will immer wieder dieses Fieber spür’n numerous times.

So this is what I wanted to capture in this painting, all this landscape combined with different and overwhelming feelings and experiences. There is no evidence of the solid ground or the tree, just traces of the green fields, blue of the river and the sky, and variation of the red for the burst of the emotions. I chose  triptych so each panel could represent one of their children.

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Size: triptych 100 x 270 cm
(39.37 x 106.29 inch);
each panel 100 x 90 cm
(39.37 x 35.43 inch)

Year: November 2014

Availability: In Private Collection



Paintings done in Japanese style. Mostly variations and fusions of famous Ukiyo-e prints, global pop culture & sakura.