Ghibli Blows in Sarajevo
(Jugo puše u Sarajevu)

Ghibli blows in Sarajevo -size reference-

I started this painting on the plateau of Children’s Square of Sarajevo. It was a very hot day  in May 2012 and I and some other artists worked under the hot sun. Next to us is newly built shopping center where people and children rushed to waste their time and if they have, some money. Across the street is the park with large trees, offering its shade but we are too far to reach. In the center of it is monumental glass sculpture dedicated to children who died during the Siege of Sarajevo. Hot weather of May was also caused by hot south wind that was blowing in that month – the very same wind which gives his name to the most famous Japanese anime studio.

All this somehow bonded in my head; Ghibli was blowing/passing through, bringing summer heat and at the same time visiting lost children of Sarajevo. I hope this painting now is not very hard to read.

Technique: Mixed media
(acrylic & permanent markers on canvas)

Size: 120 x 177 cm (47.24 x 69.68 inch)

Year: December 2012

Availability: In Collection of
Foundation “Center Duga Art”


Dōjinshi is very cool practice in manga world. It means self-published and it´s largely based of fan-art works of recognized creators’ works. It is like Pop Art practice but more freely spread and more concerned with storytelling and that is a part that actually interests me. Unlike Pop Art´s way of exploitation of the popular image, I rather want to tell a story through the used popular character.