The Church of The KLF:

3 A.M. ETERNAL -size reference-

Based on black and white photograph of the lost Caspar David Friedrich´s painting Monastery Graveyard in the Snow, The Church of The KLF: 3 A.M. ETERNAL is a painting that I had in mind of doing for a long time. It is most commonly reproduced painting in art books where we had, by comparing to other Friedrich´s works, imagined what colors were used. I was more fascinated by the scenery, I imagined a group of people in snowy forest, and I wondered what they were doing there. To me they were never monks in the graveyard, I always seemed to forget that part, I don´t believe in “suffer to achieve happiness”, I believe in be “happy to achieve happiness” 🙂

Therefore my monks are ravers, from some northern countries where you have six months long day, who are going to this rave party organized in some abandoned ruins, and the whole cathedral thing is hallucination caused by combination of search lights and lasers, and the dressing code is the KLF priest.

There are 3 plans on this painting, the first one are the white lightened trees, the second are ravers and ruin and the third is somewhat geometrical structure of the cathedral. I added the title to try to create kind of album cover feeling.

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Size: 171 x 200 cm (67.32 x 78.74 inch)

Year: February 2014

Availability: In Collection of Foundation “Center Duga Art”

History re-painting

It´s my Appropriation art. Here are my thoughts on paintings that I find important. For example, Edouard Manet´s The Fifer is the basis for my Poster Boy series and my major belief for this painting is that it has more of Sharaku and less of Velazquez and therefore it carries pathway to modern art. Modern elements of this painting are something that I will be retelling again and again through the individualized variations of this painting.