Corto 104

Corto 104 -size reference-

This is one frame that hunted me for years. It is from Hugo Pratt´s Corto Maltese – The Celts album. This image of Corto was stuck in my head and although background is different in original work, this is a way I always remember it.

If you haven´t read Hugo´s Corto Maltese albums, please do, it will enrich your life.

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Size: 120 x 177 cm (47.24 x 69.68 inch)

Year: November 2010

Availability: In Collection of
Foundation “Center Duga Art”


Dōjinshi is very cool practice in manga world. It means self-published and it´s largely based of fan-art works of recognized creators’ works. It is like Pop Art practice but more freely spread and more concerned with storytelling and that is a part that actually interests me. Unlike Pop Art´s way of exploitation of the popular image, I rather want to tell a story through the used popular character.


I have received enquirers concerning this painting so I have decided to make digital illustration combining the elements from Hugo Pratt´s drawing and my painting.