City Gallery Bihać – 100 Views Of Ukiyo-e Volume I: Masters 13.01. – 04.02.2012.

I had a great luck to have my first presentation of 100 Views of Ukiyo-e Volume I: Masters at City Gallery Bihać. It´s hard to imagine your work in space and the first presentation is always tricky, you may end up dissatisfied. Well, first of all, the organization of exhibition was superb, so far I haven´t come across with any other gallery in Bosnia and Herzegovina that actually treats artist, exhibition and itself with respect. Usually it´s all complaining and less working type of behavior that you meet.

Bihać is one of the most beautiful little towns in the northern part of Bosnia, comfortably placed on the river bank of Una. The City Gallery is in the town´s center. Very spacious, 220 m² (2368 ft²). This was my second solo exhibition in Bihać. The previous one was much smaller exhibition of paintings, Massive Matrix Attack, in the Little Gallery, back in 2005. The night before exhibition´s opening, my wife and I had a dinner in one of the many restaurants on the river bank. It was our 4th anniversary. On the opening night we also had some friends from Slovenia and Serbia visiting, and with local friends and visitors, I can only say that opening was beyond expectations.