Totoro in Banja Luka (unsigned)

« Ghibli Blows in Sarajevo

Good vibrations and positive energy made us finish our work (mine and the work of the participants of Street Art & Graffiti workshop at International Meeting of “Youth Centers & Urban Culture 2013”) on the wall of the Primary School „Borisav Stanković”, Banja Luka. With extra time in our hands we moved to the wall of Hi Neighbour Youth Center. The participants and workshop leaders decided to do one side of the Youth Center with unified painting.

Not being able to really fit into fast and furious spray painting style, I found myself a little space on the other side of the building. Old wooden boards and green grass reminded me of Satsuki and Mei´s summer house from My Neighbour Totoro. So, it kinda fitted together, Youth Center and Totoro´s creatures, small ones, hidden in the grass, for young members of the Center to discover them.

Signature on this painting would definitively disrupt its magic, so I left the painting unsigned 🙂

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View position of Totoro in Banja Luka in a larger map