(No. 3) The Great Wave of Banja Luka

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I was invited as a guest artist @ International Meeting of “Youth Centers & Urban Culture 2013”, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to do the Great Wave of Banja Luka on the wall of the Primary School „Borisav Stanković”.

I was very lucky to have an assistant, a seventh grader, class 3,  Saša Dubravac, to help me out with the first layer of color, because the spring sun was burning constantly and I was very strained after transferring the original Hokusai´s drawing. But when it came to the point of pure painting it was very ecstatic experience; the wall surface brought out its own individual qualities, craquelures and roughness that reminded me of Van Gogh´s affection for crêpe like qualities in Ukiyo-e prints. That´s why I treated the sky surface with much dimmer or washed out color effect.

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