Courtesan as Fei Zhangfang in Silver & Gold after Okumura Masanobu

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Ukiyo-e view from early period, single block print highly stylized. Such prints were heavily used for patterns in Art Nouveau and Anglo-Japanese style. Here we see courtesan in a role of one of the Eight immortals of Tao ascending to Heaven on crane. These types of images, called mitate-e – imitating images, were usually humorous and featured courtesans in roles of holy, noble or famous persons. Sometimes very simple to read but when ordered for private collection or illustration of the poem can get very complex in encoding of the meaning. Their tradition is kept in Banksy´s stencils, satirical and humorous.

This is the first painting where I explored possibilities of metallic colors on canvas. I used two kinds of gold, silver, platinum, champagne, pearl with titanium white and Prussian blue for outlining.