Artist’s New Best Friend

WD´s My Passport Wireless

New WD ´s Passport comes with two beautiful perks. First one is of course, a wireless connection and another, SD card reader. My Passport Wireless (MPW) comes in three capacities, 500GB, 1TB & 2TB. I have 2 TB versions, and I must say that it still fits my pocket but I don´t wear tight pants 🙂 It feels like having again old Nokia mobile phone, one of the first models.

Wireless feature comes really handy, you can connect any of your wireless devices to MPW and use it to store files, to use files from storage, to stream media and even extend wireless connection. You can have all your portfolio, music and videos on MPW and use your Tablet or overgrown mobile phone to show them. If you also make lots of HD videos or photos you can use built in SD card reader to ether copy or move all files to MPW. You can also set MPW in Home Network mode, which means when you come home, you just turn your MPW On and it will connect to your home network, making all files available on the network. Additionally, this way you can access to build in SD card reader. And when you are traveling or just using any other public network you can set it out to Hotspot mode. In this way, you have access to all files on MPW and to internet. So if you are in hotel room, and there is always that spot where WiFi signal is great, but at your bed is really non-existent, Hotspot just cures this problem. In this case I usually have either WD TV Live Streaming or WD TV Play media player connected to MPW, having at the same time access to my anime collection and internet.

MPW comes preformatted as exFAT, so I recommend if you are Windows user to format it to NTFS. It will work better when connected to computer over USB. I use USB connection only when I move large number of large files.

My Cloud app

My Cloud app is WD´s application that you can use to access MPW and also to set it up. Now, it will work fine for basic users but if you are tech savvy you will pretty soon find yourself using other apps with MPW. I use android based mobile device so apps that I use with MPW are:

Net Scan – to find your device on network and to easily open Web based UI of MPW. Web UI of MPW has more options and it is really user friendly.

ES File Explorer File Manager – nice file browser that will allow you to be more in control of where you want to copy or move files, and with what additional app you would like to open them.

MX Player – for playing videos, especially mkv files.

And Walkman, my favorite Sony´s app, for playing music. MPW uses Twonky media server that can be nicely optimized to your needs.

In overall, MPW looks like new fancy thingy but once you buy it, you will find it very useful.

So far, sooo good.